Alexa Chung: The Hair Memoirs

alexa-chung-hair-first-look-at-her-l-oreal-campaign-35534_w448 She is top of the bobs and managed to make grungy ombre waves cool,  our favourite TV personality Alexa Chung has recently sat down with Stylist magazine to talk through her life, one haircut at a time.

Our favourite L'Oreal girl talks us through her hair-lights and deepest hair-regrets over the past 10 years. It may sound a little dramatic and superficial - but she's right, our hair sends a pertinent message to those around us. It's one of the first things we notice as we meet somebody new - that crucial 30 second before we make our judgement on them.

Looking back through time, hair is one of the key things we remember (along with numerous achievements) when you think of powerful female icons - from Anna Wintour's perfectly aligned fringe to Margaret Thatchers shampoo and set, these ladies wouldn't dare been seen sporting a scrunchie.

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