Is Red Hair The New Black?

Screen shot 2014-04-02 at 10.50.13 Much like the red squirrel, natural red heads are being threatened with extinction. A few years ago news outlets reported that red hair could die out as early as 2060. Redheads are a rarity - an endangered species if you will. And don't we all just want what we can't have?

For those of you out there who aren't true redheads, real red can be tricky to achieve from a bottle, we have rounded up our top  five tips and tricks on how to be a roaring red head in a sea of blondes and brunettes.

1. First things first, it is very important you book yourself in with a reputable, loyal colourist to discuss your various shade options, believe it or not there are thousands of variations of red and each one will work differently on your personal hair type and skin tone.

2. Ask your colourist to show you various red hair swatches up against your face, you'll be amazed as to how different reds can bring out different facial features such a piercing eyes and rosy lips.

3. BE SENSIBLE - Make sure your colourist goes through realistic maintenance rules with you. You will have to keep a constant eye on those roots!

4. Once you have made the transformation into a hot headed vixen, it is imperative that you maintain your colour with an appropriate colour shampoo and conditioner, we recommend the Shu Uemura Art Of Hair Full Shimmer Shampoo and Conditioner as it is designed to meet the essential needs of colour treated hair, whilst offering a glazed touch as if polished from roots to tips.

5. Constant colouring can cause stress on your hair, to reverse and prevent signs of damage you will need to introduce an intensive moisture treatment mask once a week such as Kerastase Masque Chroma Riche, this illuminating softening treatment delivers mirror-like radiance whilst fully hydrating the hair back to health.

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