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Our secret pro tip for nailing the beach wave: Damian shares his advice for using the Wand

By Billy / June 1, 2024

What to do if your curls don’t sit right? It’s the age-old question. Click the link below to discover our stylist, Damian’s, ultimate tip for nailing beach waves, even if you get them wrong the first time.

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An ode to Sabrina Carpenter’s bangs

By Billy / May 30, 2024

We’re a salon – and nation – currently obsessed with Sabrina Carpenter’s bangs – the singer has the most searched fringe on Google in the last few months. Versatile and flattering, Sabrina’s bangs are loved for a reason. Here are a few reasons why they work. WHY IS METAL DANGEROUS? A great example of curtain…

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Could Cowgirl Curtain Bangs be any cooler?

By Billy / May 25, 2024

Heard of cowgirl curtain bangs? A great style to try in longer hair, it lends shape and versatility to otherwise low maintenance haircuts.

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How to nail every kind of beachy texture

By Billy / May 23, 2024

There’s no easier way to achieve beachy texture than with the help of our new Wand. The perfect size for all manner of different looks – not to mention they ensure curls stay put – it’s the perfect tool for effortlessly undone hair this summer. Our favourite kinds of beachy texture? See below, with some…

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How to get the hair flip at home

By Billy / May 21, 2024

One look that we can’t get enough of is the hair flip, which works best on shorter cuts, like the bob. A little kick at the ends of the hair, the flip makes all the difference to the way a short cut is styled – it’s a small detail with a big impact. Part of…

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Perfect beach waves? No problem

By Billy / May 18, 2024

While beach waves are a perennial classic, they haven’t always been an easy look to achieve at home. Until now. Watch as Kate creates perfect, voluminous beach waves with our new Wand. ‌

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