[FINE HAIR]: It’s a vicious cycle and you want out. [DENSIFY HAIR]: Serioxyl Advanced Purifier & Bodifier shampoo was targeted-formulated for thinning hair. This lightweight gel gently purifies and helps to give the feeling of renewed density. Hair feels densified and more radiant. [DERMATOLOGICAL ACTIVES]: Enriched with Magnesium Sulphate*, it helps to cleanse hair roots from build-ups that can impact hair growth. *Magnesium salt. [SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN EFFICACY]: After only 1 use, up to 22% more instant & 24h long-lasting volume**. **instrumental test. [FRESH FRAGRANCE]: A fresh composition, enveloped in a refreshing breeze with a clean-feeling heart and a pro-caring base. [PRO TIP]: At night, after in-shower routine, follow with Serioxyl Advanced Density activator serum – Denser hair.

Apply evenly on wet scalp and hair. Gently lather with the softest part of the tip of your fingers until a light foam is obtained. Rinse thoroughly.

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